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Texas A&M Geography
Geocoding correction technical details

Version 3.01 - June 17 2012

Related Publications

Goldberg DW, Wilson JP, Knoblock CA, Ritz R, Cockburn MG (2008). An effective and efficient approach for manually improving geocoded data International Journal of Health Geographics 2008, 7:60

Input Fields

Name Data type Description Example value(s) Can be blank
Id Integer Unique identifier for each record 1 No
StreetAddress String Original street address for the geocode 123 Main Street No
City String Original city for the geocode Los Angeles No
State String Original state for the geocode CA No
ZIP String Original ZIP code for the geocode 90012 No
Latitude Double Original latitude for the geocode 34.052251 No
Longitude Double Original longitude for the geocode -118.244283 No
GeocodeQualityType String Original quality of the geocode AddressRange, ZIPCodeCentroid, Rooftop, Blank Yes
Source String Original source used to process the geocode USCGeocoder, Blank Yes
Miscellaneous String Some other column of data for the original geocode Some other data value associated with the record, Blank Yes

Output Fields

Name Data type Description Example value(s) Possible value(s)
NewAddress String Updated address 123 Main St Any string
NewCity String Updated city Los Angeles Any string
NewState String Updated state CA Any string
NewZip String Updated ZIP Code 90012 Any string
NewLatitude Double Updated Latitude 34.052251 Any double
NewLongitude Double Updated Longitude -118.244283 Any double
NewQuality String Updated geocode quality GPS, ParcelCentroid, NearestParcelCentroid, ActualLotInterpolation, UniformLotInterpolation, AddressRangeInterpolation, BuildingCentroid, BuildingFrontDoor, StreetIntersection, StreetCentroid", USPSZip5Centroid, USPSZip4Centroid, USPSZip2Centroid, USPSZipCentroid, CityCentroid, CountySubdivisionCentroid, CountyCentroid, StateCentroid, CountryCentroid, Unmatchable, Unknown
NewSource String Source of updated geocode USCGeocoder - original geocode used; google - geocode from google used; user - geocode created by the user from dragging or clicking on the map used
CorrectionType String Type of action that was used to create the updated geocode None - Original geocode None - Original geocode, Re-geocoded original address, Fixed obvious data entry error, Geocoded new data, Correct address on random street, Midpoint of correct street, Random corner house at intersection, Used additional info from Google search, Used additional info from record
CorrectionAction String Free text history of actions performed to create the updated geocode Any string
NewPoint String XML history of actions performed to create the updated geocode Any XML string
UpdatedGeocodeCorrection Integer Flag indicating if an input record has been processed using the correction tool yet 1 0, 1
UpdatedBy String Username of the person who performed the geocode correction dan Any string
UpdatedDateTime DateTime Date and time when the record was processed 12/25/2011 10:00 AM Any date
CorrectionTime String Amount of time (seconds) used to process a record 96.7 Any decimal value

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